I don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach to every project, or that if you simply go through a rote process, a great experience will be spit out at the end.  Rather, it’s important to take a careful look at each unique situation and prescribe only the methodologies that will deliver the most value.  

I’ve honed my own approach to time-tested UX methodologies, through a combination of experience, education and networking.  

In my 8+ years of freelance UX experience, I've found the following to be the keys to a successful client-and-freelancer relationship.

  • Right communication 
    Since I work mostly offsite, I work hard to keep my clients appraised of my progress regularly or on demand using online tools. I'll also reduce bottlenecks for you by asking direct questions of subject matter experts on occasion.  Asking a quick clarifying question or running a functionality approach past a developer on an informal, as-needed basis really helps to keep things moving and helps integrate me with your internal team.
  • Right collaboration
    Clients appreciate that I include informal and ad-hoc sharing of my works-in-progress with a few key team members during the UX process.  This can include sketches, partially-created wireframes or sitemaps, a quick prototype, and the like.  So long as team recipients are comfortable with the very much imperfect nature of these items, I find this to be preferable to a ‘big reveal’ – my clients feel more comfortable seeing what’s going on, and I get quick feedback along the way.
  • Right start
    Discovery is a key part of the UX process; done well, it provides the building blocks for all other aspects of the project.  My belief in this leads me to now decline projects in which at least some sort of discovery is not a part.  I can help you conduct an efficient discovery that gets your project started off on the right foot and with the right assumptions, eliminating costly re-work later.

But enough about me - let's talk about you.  How can I help?